Town Residential is Top in Boutique Real Estate Brokerage Firms

Thor Equities probably wasn’t sure how fast Town Residential would take off when they first started, but today this parent investor for the boutique brokerage is smiling big. Town recently landed a massive office space in one of the most high profile areas in Manhattan, and they are making wavesRead More

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What Millennials Love Most About Magnises

Millennials now have a place that they can refer to as their favorite, happening club. This new club, Magnises is the latest in private clubbing memberships available to the elite millennials. Founded in 2013 by Billy McFarland, Magnises is the club with a little black card that makes a bigRead More

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Town Residential is Top in Boutique Real Estate Brokerage Firms

Thor Equities probably wasn’t sure how fast Town Residential would take off when they first started, but today this parent investor for the boutique brokerage is smiling big. Town recently landed a massive office space in one of the most high profile areas in Manhattan, and they are making waves in real estate with this new outpost.


Andrew Heiberger, the Founder and CEO of Town Residential said that Thor Equities played a key role in helping them secure the spot that they wanted. The office space has been highly coveted by tenants as well as by retailers, and that’s because it lies in the meatpacking district. The office space is prime, and it has been said that rent goes for as much as $90 per square foot.


Recently, Town was able to open up other high profile offices, but this one was on the map for some time. The West Side offers a lot of neighborhoods, which means it’s a stream of continuous business for the firm. The new office space gives them access to neighborhoods from Hudson Yards to as far as Tribeca. This is welcome news for the firm after only three years of being in operations.


Heiberger also noted that the office in close proximity to the High Line will make a dramatic difference with the results that they get in this market. The area continues to grow, and there have been multiple condo buildings pop up along the neighborhood. The growth of New York City isn’t all that surprising, but for the sake of business Town Residential sees that the growth in all areas of the city as well as with the neighborhoods is a big plus for them.


There are a few offices that will be joining up with them as they continue perfecting their new office space. They have a small office in the West Village that they are moving into their new office, as well as another boutique real estate brokerage firm that is joining the team altogether.


Town Residential has only been in business for three years, but Mr. Heiberger, the Founder and CEO says that he’s excited about what’s happening here. The building and the area go hand-in-hand with the image they want to convey, and from a branding perspective it lets clientele know what they can expect from Town.


The firm specializes in commercial real estate, and has been under the guidance of their landlord Thor Equities, their parent investor.



What Millennials Love Most About Magnises

Millennials now have a place that they can refer to as their favorite, happening club. This new club, Magnises is the latest in private clubbing memberships available to the elite millennials. Founded in 2013 by Billy McFarland, Magnises is the club with a little black card that makes a big difference for millennials around the country.

Billy McFarland knew that if he could create an exclusive club he would be onto something big. He was right. While Magnises was founded in 2013, the black card went live in 2014. Young professionals began raving about the card and all of the amazing benefits it has to offer.

The card community-oriented in the eyes of McFarland, and better yet it was scaled to be technology-based, with tons of perks like discounts at bars, restaurants, and upscale night clubs. The card also offers discounts and access to private concerts, fashion shows, and access and special pricing on the most luxurious getaways.

The card for Magnises isn’t a credit card, but it’s a membership card that can be linked to a credit or debit card, making it easy to use no matter where you are in the country. Only data is transferred, keeping personal information secure and private, and enabling members to hold just one card instead of many for convenience.

The only fee for the card is a yearly fee of $250 to keep the membership, and the market is limited right now to those cities which boast the best in nightlife including New York City, Washington D.C., and expansion consideration for London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and even Atlanta. The membership was at nearly 6,000 early on in 2015, but by the end of the year, the membership had quickly gained an additional 4,000 members.

McFarland is one of the most talked about entrepreneurs when it comes to focusing on memberships and products that appear to the elite millennials, and the card has been mentioned numerous times online.

According to BuzzFeed and Bloomberg, at the age of 23, Billy McFarland was already known as a tech whiz, and his goal was to help millennials upgrade their social life while offline. This little card was the way to do it, and the card itself is made of metal, making it easy for members to literally “flash” their cards wherever they go.

Wengie Offers Nighttime Beauty Tips Anyone Can Use

Wengie is one of the most fun and exciting makeup and fashion vloggers on Youtube. With her bright and upbeat spirit, she invites readers to make beauty both fun and rewarding. Her style is fun. She often wears unnatural hair colors, yet her makeup, fashion and lifestyle choices are more easy-going. This leads to a great, fashion-forward style overall.


Viewers can learn a lot from Wengie. She’s creative with her beauty hacks and she’s always trying new products out so viewers don’t have to waste their time or money buying duds.


Wengie’s Night Routine video contains somewhere between 10 and 20 great night time beauty tips that can enrich your downtime while enhancing your beauty from the inside out. In addition, Wengie is very straightforward and honest, admitting that it’s not realistic to expect to be able to complete every part of this routine every night. However, when you have time, it’s great to do the parts that appeal to you most.


When Wengie gets home, she works on her Youtube channel by answering emails, editing her content and working in other ways. For dinner, she typically craves a healthy snack of crunchy veggies like carrots and celery paired with low-calorie dips. The 2 food hacks she shared were really great.


  1. She eats her snacks out of a muffin tin to make portion control easier.
  2. When she craves potato chips, she bakes a pita pocket instead and cuts it into triangles. She then dips the pita, “chips,” into her favorite dips.


The rest of her nighttime routine consists of relaxation and self-pampering and care. She enjoys watching popular shows on Netflix. However, she also recommends watching documentaries and international shows. You might find something new that you really like.


After some TV and vegging out, Wengie cleans the makeup off her skin and uses a homemade mask. Her cleansing routine consists of cleansing, toning, light moisturizer application and then a light oil application. Her favorite mask is to blend honey with other ingredients like lemon, cinnamon, avocado, yogurt and aloe vera. She then brushes her mask onto her skin and leaves it on for half an hour.


Learn more about Wengie:

IAP Worldwide Helps People Across The Globe With Their Services

IAP Worldwide, also known as Ingenuity and Purpose, is a company that provides a number of different services, such as facility management, logistics support, and even mission support. They do business with companies in both the private and public divisions on an international scale on with a high level of professionalism and proficiency. IAP Worldwide has quite a large number of employees today that allows them to handle issues of all types, night and day. When situations are bad, IAP Worldwide is capable of providing relief in situations of natural disaster, securing locations, or even supplying armed forces.

For many decades now, the company has been working in regions all over the globe helping clients in things like protecting the environment and improving healthcare on With a primary background in sciences and technology, IAP Worldwide has perfected their methods and tools in order to provide the highest level of service and goods. This extends into their efforts in philanthropy, which are actively involved in around the globe. Ingenuity and Purpose has been recognized as one of the leading company’s in the industry, that offers a range of innovative and quality services on

IAP Worldwide started out and is headquartered in Irmo, South Carolina. They originally started out as a procurement and logistics company, back when they were providing generators to the US Army in Saudi Arabia. They have ended up becoming one of the primary supporters for the United States Army. and maintain a strong relationship with the military today. The government contracts the company maintains amount to nearly $400 million dollars a year, which is a big contributor to their capability to expand over the years. Over the years and as IAP Worldwide has acquired new companies, such as DRS technologies and Tactical Communications and Network Solutions, and gone through restructures. They offer more services along with their top of the line logistics solutions, which includes engineering support, transportation, supplying armed forces, and even providing relief in the state of natural disasters or emergency. Whatever the scenario is at hand, IAP Worldwide is capable of handling it with precision and in a timely manner.

Information About Sleep Apnea Research and Treatments

sleep apnea is correlated with a lot of different health problems down the line. It is correlated with stroke, Diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Since studies show this correlation it’s imperative that new treatments for sleep apnea be found. Ninety percent of people with this disorder have never been diagnosed.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the creator of Dental Sleep Masters. He has a lot of experience with sleep disorders and the treatment of them. Dentists such as Avi team up with doctors to help with this disorder. Since there are so many things associated with sleep apnea a lot of doctors know that it’s extremely important to find treatment.

There have been many different treatments for sleep apnea. However, patients have not done well with certain sleep apnea treatments in the past. One of the newest devices for sleep apnea was created by ImThea Medical. It has been approved by the FDA and is now in the clinical trial phase. The new treatment machines are not as big as the old treatments. They are also not as noisy and the masks are not uncomfortable. Another treatment of sleep apnea called upper airway stimulation came onto the market in 2014 after it was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This treatment works by stimulation of the airway muscles. This in turn helps them to stay open so that the patient stays breathing and does not wake up in the middle of the night.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel created the company Dental Sleep Masters. He has had his dental practice, called Old Bridge Dental Care, for over fifteen years now. He has won many awards including the Best Dentist award. He won this award several times.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel went to Rutgers University. At this university he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Biology. Then he went on to dentistry school at the New York University College of Dentistry. Through his training as a dentist he is able to develop many devices that help with sleep apnea. He has helped many patients with this as well as with his dentistry business.

Martin Lustgarten Helps Stray Animals Find Homes

The Florida Little Dog Rescue is not the thing people would expect to hear about when they are talking about an investment banker, but Martin Lustgarten is very interested in making sure that all dogs can have good homes. Every dog that is saved by the rescue is one that can have a better life, and Martin Lustgarten wants to be sure that he can help the rescue as much as he can. He actually has stray dogs that were rescued living with his family, and he believes that caring for animals is something that people should learn to do well.

He is very interested in making sure that the Florida Little Dog Rescue will have as much money as they can find for their cause, and he has helped raise money for them online. His family has nice animals in the house that were rescued because they were the chosen as the rescue found them. Martin Lustgarten is raising money for this cause because he loves animals, and he hopes that his clients will give money to the cause.

There is a nice balance between business and charity. Martin Lustgarten knows that his family can live well and help others. His efforts to create a much better place for dogs to live in Florida should be lauded because of how much work he puts into it.

Someone who wants to be able to learn about investing can learn that when they come to Martin Lustgarten, as well. He is a very wise man who has helped a lot of people make sure that they make more money from their investments. He still travels the world to learn about investment, and he wants to know what is possible when someone is looking for a new form of investment. He believes that he can completely change how people approach their investments, and he will teach them every technique he knows.

To Wen Or Not To Wen, That Is The Question

If you have been looking for a hair product that delivers luscious locks, chances are you have heard of Wen. Created and founded by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean, Wen has been a popular name in hair care for years. In fact, his products are often advertised by Dean’s famous celebrity clients. Each raving about their results of healthy, shiny, beautiful hair full of life.

Wen’s products are best known for being designed to cleanse hair without the harsh sulfates found in ordinary shampoo. Their most popular product being their Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner. It is designed as a 5-in-1 formula, taking the place of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. All a client needs is the cleansing conditioner to be on their way to healthier hair. Wen hair is a popular product these days and can be found in many places, but it is readily available at all times through marketplaces online such as Sephora, Guthy-Renker, Amazon and eBay.

With all the promised benefits and celebrity endorsements, it’s no surprise that many want to try the products for themselves. In an article for Bustle, one writer did just that. She describes her experience using Wen’s Fig hair cleansing conditioner for seven days on her fine/thin hair. Her first day of use with the product showed excellent results, describing her hair as more shiny and bouncy. Her only dislike waking up to greasy hair in the morning. These results continued for the next few days before switching up her routine on day five by showering in the morning. With this change, she could enjoy the benefits of the cleansing conditioner longer throughout the day.

Her final thoughts on the conditioner are that it’s great for customers with fine hair as long as they wash it everyday. Anyone looking to skip a day will have some oil by morning. For these cases, dry shampoo will come in handy. In the end the product delivered healthy looking hair as it promised. For more info, visit Wen Hair on Facebook and follow Wen hair on twitter at:

Brian Torchin Meets The Healthcare Industry’s Staffing Needs

Brian Torchin is a man who knows the world of Medical Staffing. He is the CEO of Health Care Recruitment Counselors in Philadelphia. Brian Torchin has devoted years of his life to managing medical offices, as well as staffing them all across the United States. He has extensive knowledge of the industry and he uses this knowledge to connect with physicians, physical therapists, physician assistants, and other doctors.

According to Indeed, through this cooperative network of medical professionals, Brian Torchin has been able to create a company that meets the healthcare company’s most challenging needs. He devotes significant time and energy to his company because he wants these valuable services to be available to clients on a worldwide level. He wants to be there for anyone who needs talented medical staff so he is always available to help.

Brian is originally from New York and he attended JFK High School. He was recognized as a talented student from a very young age. In college, he discovered that he loved helping people and wanted to help them lead healthy lives so while at the University of Delaware he decided to focus on medicine.

Brian most wanted to be a chiropractor. He continued his education at the New York Chiropractic College in 1995 and since that time he was been a practicing physician. Brian can be seen in some videos talking about the virtues of staffing through Healthcare recruitment Counselors. One of the great things about the company is their ability to find medical talent to fill positions within 48 hours.

 HCRC Staffing was founded to help Brian Torchin accomplish his mission of proving the best, most direct, ethical and expedient staffing solution in the industry. He can help you with staffing all over the United States, Asia, Canada, Europe, and Even Australia.

A topic at Topix shows that Brian Torchin has contacts within the dental industry, podiatrist industry, urgent care, and key relationships with hospitals as well. If there is an urgent opening in any medical field Brian Torchin will be able to help you fill it several times faster than you could on yoru own. He has the most extensive database in the world.

Thor Halvorssen Is Coming For You, Authoritarian Dictator

If you are unilateral dictator anywhere on the globe, watch out. Thor Halvorssen is on the case. The 39-year-old head of the Human Rights Foundation is in the popular Zeitgeist now. She stood up against Nikki Minaj when she performed a private concert for the dictator of Angola, a man that steals and abuses his own people. She stood Fox News on its head with a riveting interview while defending socialism and Sen. Bernie Sanders in a segment clearly designed to slam both subjects.

Thor Halvorssen comes from a long line of political activists. His father spent time in a Venezuelan jail as a political prisoner before human rights organizations bargained for his release. His mother was shot during an anti-Hugo Chavez rally in New York City. But it doesn’t stop there, as many members of his family have been fighting and suffering for human rights causes all over the world.

What Thor Halvorssen made clear in his famous Fox News interview is that he does not discriminate against any form of government. He’s a capitalist, he says, but in the end he has no problem with socialist or labor governments all over the world. The one caveat is that the government must have separation of powers and checks and balances. If that is in place, then the form of government is irrelevant. Read more: Thor Halvorsse  | Facebook

But what he and his Human Rights Foundation despises is unilateral dictatorship. It does not matter if the dictator labels himself socialist or communist. When power is centralized in one governing person, that becomes a problem. That is the root of all human suffering around the world, according to Thor Halvorssen. And the man is willing to suffer for his beliefs.

According to Weekly Standard, Thor Halvorssen was detained by Vietnamese authorities in Ho Chi Minh City after he broke into a Buddhist monk’s house who had been under house arrest for decades. He conducted an interview with the monk and he was beaten for it. Eventually released, he had the SD card of the interview up his cameraman’s rectum.

“Someone else had to download that one,” Thor Halvorssen laughingly remembers.

Norka Luque Embraces The Heart Of Latino Music

Latino music is one of the best music genres in the world. The Latino sound arrived in the Americas around the same time as Columbus did. Popular Latino artists use the complex and historical aspects of the genre to create a new sound that is rooted in the old music, but it is totally different. Artists like Carlos Santana, Gloria Estefan, and Shakira have added their own style to the Latino sound, and the result is a mixture of pop, Mediterranean, Caribbean and American music that gets people up and dancing faster than almost any other genre of music. One of the newcomers to this new Latino sound in Venezuelan Norka Luque.

Norka was born in Venezuela but moved to the United States and then to France to complete her education. Luque has been performing on and off for more than 22 years. Her first appearance was in Venezuela when she was eight. She was cast in a musical and Norka remembers the thrill of that first performance. The response she got from the audience prompted her parents to enroll Norka in voice and piano lessons. She continued those lessons until she went to France to study business administration.

The road to becoming a seasoned artist is usually an adventure in overcoming challenges. There is always something standing in the way of making it to the top of the music world. Norka is no exception. She had to endure rejection, illnesses, pettiness and jealousy, but she stayed the course, and she kept her mind on the goal. When Emilio Estefan finally agreed to produce her first album, Norka was singing in a nightclub and barely getting by. She left her business career in Monte Carlo when she left Europe to pursue her dream. She had to come back to Florida because she knew Miami was the place where Latino stars are born.

Emilio Estefan and Archie Pena didn’t hesitate when they heard Norka sing for the first time. They saw a future star in front of them, and they went to work composing and producing songs that fit her unique style and range. Norka’s first single dropped in 2011, and she was nominated for the best female vocalist award that year. Her second single, Milagro, jumped up the music charts in the Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and the United States when it was released in 2012. Her third single, Tomorrowland, was released in 2016. Norka embraces the heart of Latino music, and she does it with soul, R&B, and charm.

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