How OSI is Growing the Food Industry

OSI Group, a leader in the food services industry, is changing the way the food services industry works. The main focus for OSI is serving their customers by delivering real value all of the time. As a provider of food service, there is no better statement to make than thatRead More

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Sports Betting Takes Off With

Vegas oddsmakers have a really tough job. Betting is open for just about every single sport out there, professional or amateur. It’s all such a complex, interconnected space that there are always hidden pieces of information affecting the outcome unbeknownst to formal oddsmakers. Football odds are one of the hardestRead More

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How OSI is Growing the Food Industry

OSI Group, a leader in the food services industry, is changing the way the food services industry works. The main focus for OSI is serving their customers by delivering real value all of the time. As a provider of food service, there is no better statement to make than that they are committed to the success of their customers. A talented and dedicated team is what makes the difference, and there is no doubt a call for the company to continue to improve upon the way their customers do business.

Reflecting upon the history of OSI Group gives you a better look at how they became great, and why they strive to give their customers only the very best. In 1909, this company started with their family meat market opening up in Chicago. At that time, the small family business had no idea that they would be able to influence what is now referred to as the company culture. Today, they now service so many customers, they are known as a global food supplier. Product development has been one of the highlights of this growing company as they strive to achieve more and achieve better for the marketplace.

Regardless of whether a company is located in the United States or outside the country, there is plenty of opportunity for growth for OSI Group. OSI has made it a priority to understand the needs of all of their customers, as well as how those needs can help them grow and help their future customers. Growth and expansion is also very much a part of OSI’s outlook, however they choose to remain a privately held company.

Some of the most common products are in the lineup for OSI including:

  • Bacon
  • Hot dogs and specialty sausage
  • Breakfast sausage
  • Cooked beef and pork
  • Raw chicken
  • Fully processed chicken
  • Fresh, frozen, and cooked beef patties
  • Pizza and dough based products
  • Sandwich assembly
  • Kettle and smoked products

These are generally considered to be staple items in the home as well as with many small businesses that OSI works with. However, side dishes and desserts are available as well. Each customer is unique, and they each have their own needs on a daily basis. OSI prides itself on custom orders for each client, and therefore offers a custom approach to how they do things.

Customers of OSI take notice of many things, but it isn’t just the value that they give. One of the key things that makes OSI a great provider is their ability to ensure that what they do is in alignment with the values of those they work with. The respect that they give each customer is essential for the social relationship, as well as the economic relationship and much more.

Is it time for you to contact OSI Food Services for your next order?

Sports Betting Takes Off With

Vegas oddsmakers have a really tough job.

Betting is open for just about every single sport out there, professional or amateur. It’s all such a complex, interconnected space that there are always hidden pieces of information affecting the outcome unbeknownst to formal oddsmakers. Football odds are one of the hardest to predict, capable of changing widely on a moment’s notice before a contest.

Then with the internet, it suddenly became a whole lot easier for fans and people to securely place bets on their favorite sports teams (or against their most hated!).

So given that, it’s no wonder betting on sports games has become more popular over the past few years.

Internationally, betting for the NFL has taken off as well. With three games at Wembley Stadium in London for 2016, British betting houses are expecting it to be enjoying their biggest year ever for the National Football League. The NFL prohibits gambling on the grounds of the game itself, but not gambling on its games outside the grounds. Ultimately, British betting on NFL games still pales in comparison to how many British people bet on Premier League Soccer matches.

One of the leading spots for people placing bets on NFL odds is, where you get a fun and easy experience.

Super Bowl odds are one of the biggest times of year for, which bring out record numbers of gamblers every year running. There’s almost no game more difficult to predict, with some incredible upsets rolling in recently, such as the New York Giants’ win over the New England Patriots in 2008, as well as the Patriots’ upset win over the incumbent St. Louis Rams a few years back in 2002, as well as those Rams’ insane original win over the Tennessee Titans back in 2000. Within the NFL’s 95 year old history, it seems the sport is becoming more difficult to predict.

Nonetheless, the New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, and Denver Broncos are among the current favorites to take the Super Bowl coming up.

We’ll have to see if this will be another wildcard year where an underdog team takes the trophy. There have actually been 46 wild-card rounds in the NFL playoffs, and of those 46 seasons, 10 wild-card teams have won the overall trophy, most recently the Green Bay Packers in 2010, the New York Giants in 2007, the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2005, the Baltimore Ravens in 2000, the Denver Broncos in 1997, and the Oakland Raiders in 1980. Again we’re seeing a lot of recent dates meaning that things are getting even more underdog-friendly in the NFL, allowing for more uncertainty and more upsets.

This is great for fans, and it’s no wonder why betting sites like are recommended for betting in football odds, for super bowl odds, and sports odds generally.

How To Properly Treat Your Hair

Everyone loves a great head of hair, especially women. Whether you have black, blonde, red, or brown follicles; hair is a sign and a reflection of health, but if you don’t take good care of your health, it will definitely show (via) your hair. It’s kind of a catch 22 situation, but did you know that the very things people use to clean their hair has negative consequences?

That’s right! Items such as conditioner and shampoo is made up of harsh chemicals and with consistent use, these chemicals can damage your hair and scalp. Sulfates are the name and creating havoc is the game. These chemicals will help to maintain good health, but at the same time are slowing causing a loss of strength, creating dryness, and adding a dulling effects on your hair. For those who wash their hair 3 or more times per week are stripping the scalp of moisture and creating excess sebum. Even tap water has harmful chemicals present which compounds the situation even further. Would you like to know what you can do reverse the damage and have you ever heard of (WEN) products?

Wen hair by Chaz is one of the top ranked brands in the world for positive haircare. With an organic base, (WEN) products provides you with the nutrients to bring your hair back from the abyss. The formulas are made up of natural ingredients such as Wild Berry Bark, Chamomile Extract, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Rosemary Extract, Tea Tree Oil, and many more.

Check out the variety of products below:

Founded by renowned stylist Chaz Dean, these advanced formulas are designed to keep your luscious locks healthy and protected. Chaz Dean has many years in the business and he has a resume to back it up. (WEN) products are backed by nature and sealed by approval as it continues to take the haircare industry to another level. Updates? Follow Wen hair on twitter.


John Goullet Leads Diversant, LLC, with Great Professionalism

Diversant, LLC, is a unique IT Staffing Agency that provides products that are focused on meeting the customized needs of the clients. They have a consultative approach and involve customers as real business partners and help them solve critical issues and supply essential commodities too. Diversion has been significantly influenced by the talent of its Principal, John Goullet. John is a remarkable IT tech recruitment professional and an excellent entrepreneur.

Starting off his career, Goullet worked as an IT consultant. However, he decided to change to IT staffing, but he did not stop doing consultation. This made John appreciate the diversity of the IT industry. He used his knowledge of the market trends to finding a company he called Info Technologies. Through this company, Goullet provided IT staffing solutions to various firms across the US. Through his remarkable leadership, the company was worth 30 million dollars in just five years.

John is a visionary and a great thinker. These are the attributes which led him to merge his company with Diversant Inc. Diversant, LLC, was born out of this merger. John helps the company to come up with strategies that will enable the firm to overcome the numerous challenges in the ever changing IT industry. He ensures that services are competently and customized for their Fortune 500 and mid-market clients.

John Goullet has displayed utter professionalism and creativity in running Diversant LLC. This is evident from the outstanding performance over the years. Goullet is always striving to be the best in the IT industry. He builds excellent relationships with his clients built on honesty, hard work and transparency. He inspires his workers to be creative, disciplined and upholds ethical behavior. He has a firm believe in in teamwork and believes that everyone has an important fulfill their responsibilities. He also believes that relationships should be built on mutual respect. These high principles are the reasons why John Goullet has become a successful entrepreneur.

Nathaniel Ru and Sweetgreen: Dedicated to Healthy Food and Healthy Community

Eating Healthy is important, everyone knows it, even if not everyone lives it. And one of the founders of the Georgetown based Sweetgreen, Nathaniel Ru wants to make it even a little bit easier to do. That is why he and his two friends and business partners, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet started the company. They wanted to help the students in the Georgetown campus eat healthy, tasty food. While these days, Georgetown students could not imagine life without a Sweetgreen salad, it was not always like that.


Ru and his companions had no experience and had yet to even graduate when they started the company. They had so little to work with, that their original location was a meager 500 square feet. But, their commitment and drive helped them push through to become a multi-million dollar company that remains rooted in its original ideals.


And Ru has not stopped with just a single restaurant. He has helped Sweetgreen branch out to dozens of other locations all around the country, and has even moved beyond just healthy food. They also host now annual concerts featuring well known bands in addition to Sweetgreen’s food. These concerts started as tiny affairs that hosted barely 1,00 people, and have now grown into large affairs hosting an average of 15,000 people. And yet, even with their size, Ru has kept the concerts dedicated to Sweetgreen’s core value of healthy food, and helps educate and inform people about nutritious foods while having fun. Thanks to Ru’s commitment to quality and community, Sweetgreen has become a big part of any community it moves into.


In addition to his love of good food, music, and community, that got it started, Nathaniel Ru has helped make Sweetgreen such a success with his keen business sense. He pays attention to more than just the quality of the salads when he deals with his business. His timing of opening new restaurants is perfectly timed, the restaurants are designed with the customer in mind, and even their app was made with the company and Ru’s ideas and skills behind them to get the best results.


Equities First- The Best Provider for Alternative Financing Solutions

Equities First Holdings provides alternative shareholder financing solutions to customers. The current economic environment is worrying, and banks and other financial firms are tightening their lending requirements. Such are the concerns that Equities First has seen more so in the margin loans and stock-based loans; hence, its decision to offer alternative financing options. They serve borrowers who want loans but cannot access them through the traditional credit facilities.

Why Choose Equities First

In recent times, many financial institutions have reduced their lending options and made the loan application criteria unbearable. However, in the wake of all this, Equities First has seen the gap and is now offering alternative lending solutions to the masses.

Consider a loan with a three-year term; it must succumb to market fluctuations. Nonetheless, the stock-based loans provide a shelter because the borrower can reduce their investment risk in the market. Most of the stock-based loans have a non-recourse element that enables a borrower to abandon a stock loan regardless of a drop in its value. They can keep the initial proceeds from the loan free from and lender obligations.

All types of financial transactions bear some risks; however, many people have for a long time ignored the stock-based loans and a good option to borrowing. Such could be because some unscrupulous individuals have abandoned the borrower’s collateral in an open industry and refused to return stocks once the transaction matures.

Thankfully, the case is different with Equities First; the firm operates on high-level business ethics and transparency. The company seeks adequate advice from credible regulatory, trading, and legal institutions with the aim of providing value-added services with lower risks for all clients.

More Information on Equities First

Equities First is a renowned company that offers clients alternative financing options since its establishment in 2002. Additionally, the firm supplies capital against the publicly traded stock to enable customers to meet their professional and individual needs. Equities First Holdings also offers capital against shares that trade on public exchanges around the world. Up to now, the company has completed more than 650 transactions to a tune of $ 1.4 billion to give customers value-added advantage. The firm has an international network and has offices in nine countries. Equities First subsidiary offices are based in Hong Kong, Singapore, and London.

Ricardo Tosto: a Legend in the Brazilian Legal Field

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a competent Brazilian lawyer whose work has been acknowledged on several occasions. His career has received a lot of attention not only in Brazil but also in foreign countries. This may be due to the high-profile cases he has won against other renowned lawyers. He has also been a key player in designing and implementing several legal tools that are currently being used in the Brazilian legal system. Mr. Tosto has advocated for various groups, politicians with differing ideologies, government, and offered pro bono services to non-governmental organizations.

Ricardo is a co-founder of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados, a Brazilian-based law firm. The firm was founded in 1991 and is the first Brazilian firm to specialize in the business sector. The company focuses on business law and offers extensive legal support to companies in various industries. The areas of specialization include mergers and acquisitions, civil law, banking, copyright and property among others.

Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados has been successful in conflict resolution especially in judicial and administrative litigation and arbitration. Today, the firm boasts of clients from large organizations, both in private and public sector.

The law firm is listed among the top ten Brazilian law firms by the Yearbook Analysis Advocacy 500. In 2015, the Analysis 500 Advocacy listed the law firm as one of the most admired legal offices in Brazil. Mr. Tosto and other lawyers at Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados, were named the most relevant Brazilian legal experts.

The Analysis 500 Advocacy was established in 2006 and is a directory that names the most esteemed offices and personalities in various areas of law. The survey is based on a thorough research carried out by legal executives from large companies. The managers then list the names of the principal legal offices and competent lawyers in Brazil.

In 2015, the directory marked its 10th edition and is rapidly becoming renowned as a primary reference of the Brazilian legal sphere. Last year’s survey comprised of approximately 900 business people who were responsible for appointing law firms and lawyers in 12 different areas of law. Out of the 3,440 lawyers and 1,400 law firms that enrolled for listing, 1,108 lawyers and 574 law firms possessed sufficient requirements to be included in the directory.

Brian Bonar’s Diversified Successes in the Technical, Financial and Restaurant Industry

Brian Bonar graduated from the James Watt Technical College with a degree in Technical Engineering. He then proceeded to earn a master’s degree from the Stafford University in Mechanical Engineering. Brian’s early career included working for IBM in the United Kingdom as the procurement manager. He then left to work for QMS as the Director of Engineering.

While at QMS Brian was responsible for the team management of 100 people. He then went on to work for Adaptec. With his gained knowledge in technology, Brian set up his company, Bezier Systems. He continued to work for other companies such as Dalrada Financial Services.

Brian Bonar is a great and achieved finance officer. He has a long time knowledge in leadership roles and is the current head of Trucept Incorporation. He was also the former leader of Dalrada Financial Incorporation.

Brian is a mergers and acquisitions expert who combines his creative and technical architectural and technological skills of an engineer to provide a comprehensive and perspective leadership at Trucept.

Trucept Company gives other companies payroll and human resource management services. The aim of Trucept is to aid the companies to focus their effort on the business side by eliminating the need for integrating the human resource and payroll responsibilities.

Their business approach involves customizing their solutions to each of their clients’ business structures. Trucept provides services on a temporary or long-term duration.The services rendered include managing the human resource documents, compiling and processing the taxes and payroll of the staff and organization and managing risks encountered at work Brian Bonar has headed Dalrada Financial Corporation for over ten years.

Dalrada company aids companies manage their resources through implementation and maintenance of programs. Brian is responsible for creating and implementing the company’s programs. His notable program implementation is the new employee and employer rights. The program enhanced work productivity and improved the staff’s integration at work.

Brian opened his chain of restaurants called the Bellamy’s with the use of his large financial and managerial and educational skills. Bellamys is located in San Diego and borders the Bandy Canyon. He hired the competitive Chef Ponsaty to train other chefs along with some of the best staff from the region, hence increasing its rating among regular visitors and other customers.

Brian’s business approach in the restaurant is to offer impeccable and intimate services to fewer people, hence earn more money per person. He has maintained his clients because the smaller amount of food prepared is specialized to an individual’s preference on a regular. He also plans to extend the restaurant towards the nearby 144-acre land to upgrade the restaurant to a four-star level. Brian’s diverse success in various industries earned him recognition in the 2000 Who’s Who platform of Cambridge University.





Wen By Chaz Hair Care

Proper hair care can make the difference between leaving a stunning impression or a bad impression. Shampoos and conditioners are critical to beautiful, shiny, healthy hair. As not everyone has the same type of hair, it is important to choose your hair care products wisely. Whether your hair is dry, frizzy, oily, curly or straight, there is a product that will fit your specific needs.

If your hair is dry, have it trimmed more often as this will help with both frizz and split ends. Every six to eight weeks is recommended. The use of a good conditioner made for dry hair will also be of benefit, but do not wash your hair daily as this will cause it to dry out even more.

For oily hair, do not use a lot of conditioner. Use a conditioner made for oily hair sparingly. Also, brushing your hair right at the scalp is likely to spread the oil as this is where a lot of it is stored.

Wen hair care By Chaz offers a line of products that are top of the line. They have a cleansing conditioner that will actually replace your current shampoo. This eBay available formula does everything from thoroughly cleaning your hair, to giving it a conditioning and a very deep conditioning, detangling it and leaving behind a special leave in for added conditioning. This product leaves your hair in excellent condition and will not strip away any of the essential oils.

Chaz Dean began his business in photography. This led to his enrollment in a school for cosmetology. As he developed his talent for hair care, he began a company that would indeed become very successful. He also developed his own line of hair care products. His salon is now located in Hollywood.


WEN hair twitter:


Sweetgreen’s Journey to Success

Sweetgreen’s existence is attributable to the need for Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet to tackle the problem of having limited options regarding affordable and healthy food in Georgetown while they were students. According to them, they were unified by their love for food, their need to create something and eagerness to solve a problem in their lives. Sweetgreen, which was just an idea 13 years ago, has now grown to one of the most popular brands in Georgetown.

At the onset of building their dream, it seemed like their lack of knowledge and experience in the food industry would pose a great challenge. However, according to Jammet, the lack of experience turned out to be the reason for their success in the business. In his opinion, them being novices helped them have an open mind when it came to tackling problems.

According to Neman, the three relied heavily on advice from architects, Georgetown faculty and restaurant owners to build Sweetgreen. They also implemented all that they learned in business school to make the brand a success. One particular lesson that they learned in business school and applied in their business was the importance of service to the community. It is this lesson that led to the birth of ‘Sweetgreen in Schools”. The program educates students on the importance of proper nutrition and healthy living. Its success has been overwhelming as shown by its ability to reach over 20,000 children since its inception in 2010.

As a way of connecting to the community, the trio also adopted the use of music to promote the idea of healthy living and the need for proper nutrition. This endeavor led to the birth of Sweetlife, an annual music and food festival. According to Neman, the trio thought that it would be very encouraging to anyone who attended the festival to lead a healthy life if they saw popular bands holding bowls of salad.

According to the founders of Sweetgreen, the brand is based on five values, which are “Add the sweet touch,” “Win, win, and win,” “Think sustainably,” “Make an impact,” and “Keep it real.” All the decisions made by the founders are based on these values. Despite Sweetgreen being a food company, it believes in human connection thus strives to reach its clients on an emotional level.

About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is an American born businessperson. He is the co-CEO and co-founder of Sweetgreen. Ru has a rich educational background having graduated from Georgetown University McDonough with a Degree in Finance. His prowess in the food industry has earned him recognition as an innovator in business and food getting him to be named in Food & Wine’s “40 Big Food Thinkers 40 and under.”

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